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David and Danielle Robb
Sumac Grove Farm

About Us

Sumac Grove Farm is the family farm of David and Danielle Robb. Our Icelandic Sheep are raised on pasture rich in a variety of forbs and grasses. We rotate their grazing to fresh pasture frequently to promote their health. No chemical wormers or antibiotics are used and our pastures are maintained and improved using organic methods. The result is a wonderful natural wool from a heritage breed of sheep raised in a sustainable manner. We appreciate you supporting our small family farm with this purchase. If you'd like more wool, we shear in the spring and fall. We offer raw fleeces, rovings, batting, felt, and yarn. Custom color blends can be special ordered.

Meet The Sheep

Sheep in frame

Below is pictured our small flock of Icelandic sheep. We started with just two in 2007, and have grown to seven through 2008. By the spring of 2009, we hope to grow by at least four more, during lambing. Check back during the year for some new available fleeces from these lambs. The wool available below is from our fall ’08 shearing in either roving or lopi spun yarn.
The rovings are available in any requested length and sold for $2.50 per oz.
The lopi yarn is sold in skeins of approximately 100 yards for $15.00/skein.
Whole fleeces are available at time of shearing in spring and fall for $18/lb or $20/lb for lambswool. You can purchase our wool by ordering via e-mail, sending a check in the mail and us shipping it to you. Taxes and cost of shipping will be figured into your invoice.

Pepper is a black-grey ewe. She is very friendly and chatty. The thel of her fleece is black and the tog is grey. The resulting wool is a speckled black with a brownish warmth, since she carries the moorit gene.
Domino is grey and has lambswool this year. He is our only wether. The thel of his fleece is white and the tog is a blend of grey and brown. The resulting wool is a warm grey and is a slightly courser texture, making it ideal for felting.
Chaco is our Moorit ram and has lambswool this year. He is Pepper’s baby and just as wonderful. His wool is curly and as true brown as you see here-really beautiful! The term moorit is a variant of the Icelandic ‘morautt’, meaning the reddish-brown of peat bogs.
Kristijana is our Moorit ewe. She is our oldest sheep and likes to be the leader of the flock. Her wool is a lighter brown, producing a tan colour after processing. The texture of her wool is so silky soft that it is akin to the feel of alpaca. Limited quantities of her wool are available.
Letty is a Black Mouflon ewe. She is an incredible jumper, so we call her Leapin’ Letty. Her fleece is primarily black with a tan colour to her throat and underbelly. Her wool spins into a fairly deep black with a mild tan fleck to it.
Mia is a Grey Mouflon ewe. She has many colors in her fleece, making it interesting for spinners. The thel is a light grey and the tog is a dark grey and her underbelly is light tan. She has a nice soft silky texture to her fleece.

Colors definitions:

Black can run the gamut from blue-black through black, to a warm brownish black or a grayed black. Moorit is the anglicized version of the Icelandic word morautt, which means the reddish-brown of the peat bogs. White ranges from a blinding bright white, through snowy white to cream and into a rich tan.
Gray when used to describe an Icelandic fleece is actually describing a pattern rather than a color. Gray fleeces are a natural mix of white thel, the downy, fine undercoat, and colored tog, the coarser, mohair-like outercoat. The color of the tog in a gray fleece will be either moorit or black. Badgerface fleeces are a real treasure with a mix of creamy tan fiber with a silvery-gray undercoat, and flashes of dark fiber at the edges, either black or moorit. A mouflon fleece is predominantly colored, with flashes of white around the margin, and can come in either black or moorit. There is also a gray-mouflon fleece that is still predominantly colored with white margins, but the colored section is also in the gray pattern, again either moorit or black.
Blended roving is a mill-blended mixture of a colored fleece and a white fleece togeather, and has a different visual effect than a gray fleece. Where grays fleeces have only white thel and colored tog, a "blend" has thel of both white and color, and tog of both white and color. The result is a lovely and subtle color blend.